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Eliminate Blackheads Forever

Eliminate Blackheads Forever
Pimples or blackheads are a type of acne, in which small dots appear dark or gray in the pores of the skin. These are caused by excessive fat accumulated in the pores, which is oxidized and it is this oxidation that causes the color black. Pimples tend to be stable structures, and often take a long time to clean spontaneously, as the leakage of the contents to the surface is very slow.


There are many factors that can affect pimples, some can be:

Changes in hormone levels in adolescents and some adults lead to increased production of fat in the skin cleansing inappropriate skin. Pollution and high humidity in the environment. The use of certain cosmetic products such as base, powder, eye shadow, etc., and moisturizers that contain too much oil excess of dead skin cells that block the very grease treatment skin pores for pimples. Wash face twice daily with mild soap to control excess skin oil. Do not wash your face more than twice as excessive washing can also be harmful to the skin. Remove makeup or other cosmetic products before going to sleep at night. These products, when used for prolonged periods, can be absorbed and block the pores of the skin. It is important to keep your face hydrated and very clean. Drink water regularly, at least 8 glasses per day. But of course, if your case is severe, be sure to consult a dermatologist, who better advise him properly.

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