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Eliminate Acne Scars


Acne can leave unpleasant marks on your face. However, how to remove acne scars is no longer a mystery it is best that you can use items you have in your home. The properties of some natural ingredients such as lemon juice, tomato, egg, cucumber, and honey have the principal vitamins and nutrients your skin needs. Do not miss all those you have in your own home to fight acne scars.

Making a simple facial juice applying a little lemon over the scars with a cotton ball and massaging on the affected areas, then, let it stand there for 20 minutes before washing with hot water. The properties of lemon juice soften the skin and reduce the scars of the affected areas, you can also use tomato slices on the scars, it also stimulates the skin’s elasticity. Take advantage of the healing properties of the egg and cucumber to reduce inflammation capacity, using them to massage the affected areas.
The application of honey also helps in the healing of scars, wash your face with warm water for the pores to open and apply honey in between.
Then after 20 minutes, you wash your face with a bucket of ice water so that the pores are closed.

Creams for acne scars are a good remedy, but make sure that they are of good quality.
Vitamin E capsules also are appropriate for such treatments.
Among the modern techniques are laser treatments, dermabrasion, and peeling.
Beyond the alternatives you choose, you should remember that good hydration, healthy diet habits like a balanced diet can maximize their impact on your skin.

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